Bee Keeping

At Opige's Farm, we are delighted that we have taken the steps to incorporate bee farming amongst some of our projects at the farm. Our farm is 100% organic, we do not use harmful chemicals or pesticides that will be harmful to bees, and for the fact, we hope that the population of bees with thriving among the flowers and fruits at the farm.

Honey Harvesting

We have planted lots of fruit trees as well as interesting flowers like lavender and herbs and we hope to harvest interesting honey flavors in the near future. The honey project is an ongoing project and we are extremely excited about it.

Candle and Soaps making

With plenty of wax from the honey, we hope that we will establish a very strong candle and soaps making project on the farm. We will use fresh ingredients that are available on the farm to create interesting products that will be sold at the farm shop on site.


Key Investments Areas

Invest in extensive research and Training
Products research and developments
Soaps making projects
Candles making projects
Research and products development using honey and free preservatives

100% organic and chemical-free to encourage the population of honey bees on the farm.
Our visions are permaculture, organic and chemical, and pesticide-free products
Organic and chemical-free are our goals from day one, and for that, we will never bring harmful chemicals or pesticides that will be harmful to bees visiting our farm. We are committed to protecting wildlife.