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Opige's Farm is named after our late father's nickname. Throughout his life, our father shared a fundamental passion for farming, agriculture, and livestock. Our plan for Opige's Farm is long-term and therefore, we would like to share our father's passion for farming with the community as well as international visitors who will be visiting our farm to learn more about our work.

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Our Speciality

Timber trees
Our long term is to plant various timber trees over a period of 10 years
Establishing perennial and permanent vegetables and flowers gardens
Fruits Orchards
Plan to established various fruit orchards over 8 years
Investing in 60,000 trees over 5 years

About Our Company

Oipge's Farm is a family-run business, based in Koch, Nwoya District. We exclusively specialize in organic farming with zero usage of chemicals or insecticides. Our primary areas are permaculture and polyculture,

Our Main Areas Of Expertise includes:

Fruits Orchards
Timber Project
Perennial vegetables and flowers
Bee Keeping
Seeds Project
Events and Training

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