Vegetables & Garden

At Opige's Farm, we will be investing lots of money in building and constructing temporary and permanent vegetable gardens which will concentrate on annual and perennial vegetables and herbs. Our vegetable gardens will form parts of a healthy and balanced diet for our guests, employees, and family-based at the farm.

Vegetables & Hebs

We have sourced vegetables and herbs seeds from all around the world and we are delighted to be planting these vegetables and herbs seeds at Opige's Farm. We have sourced lots of Chinese vegetables and herbs seeds in the future will be able to share some of these seeds with the community and other farming communities.
Vegetables and herbs continue to be a very important part of Opige's Farm's visions and aspirations and will continue to source seeds from all over the world.

Garden & Children Play's Area.

We are planning to create beautiful gardens as well as children's play areas for our guests, employees, and children at the farm.

Our Visions and Inspirations

Sourcing seeds is one of the most important parts of our work. We will source seeds of interest from many countries around the world and plant them on the farm. We have already sourced 100,000 seeds for the farm and this will continue throughout our journey as we embrace this wonderful of farming.



Key Investments Areas

Invest in seeds research and training
Sourcing unique seeds from around the world
Invest in organic seeds bank for exclusive use at the farm
Establish seeds sharing with communities as well as farming communities
Shared knowledge with other communities members.

At Opige's farm, we are committed to harvesting and saving organic seeds bank that can be used in the future.
OWe will only plant organic and free from chemicals seeds at our farm.
OTo continue sourcing and collecting seeds but only concentrates on organic and chemical-free seeds.