Seeds Initiative

We have spent the last two years collecting and sources vegetables and herbs seeds from around the world. At Opige's Farm, we have great interest in sourcing seeds from various countries to plant them back on the farm and to build a seeds bank for further use on the farm.

Sourcing & Collecting Seeds

Initially, we will not sell our seeds to the public or visitors to our farm. However, we are working on plans to make seeds available to the public and visitors on our farm or through our website in the near future. On the farm, visitors can pay by cash, on the website there will be an option for mobile money.

Where We Source Our Seeds.

We have been sourcing vegetables and herbs seeds from the UK, Australia, United States, China, Thailand, India, Bangladesh, Egypt, and many other countries. This initiative is ongoing and we are always on the lookout for unique and interesting seeds to add to our collections of seeds.

Our Commitments

We will continue to collect all different varieties of seeds from different countries around the world. In some countries, we would make personal travel to source seeds in person, but some seeds we buy online..



Our Visions and Goals

Invest in research and training
Source seeds over the next five coming years
Establish seeds bank
Invest in organic seeds
Invest in old and disappearing seeds.