Timber Project

In late August 2021, we planted 2,400 teak seedlings. Our timber project is a long-term plan and we hope to plant 60,000 timber trees over a period of five years.
In late 2021, we will acquire 11 acres of land near the main farm.
Our Timber Trees
- Teak
- Gmelina
- Araucaria
- Muzizi
- Eucalyptus
- Mahogany



Key Investments Areas

Research and training
Sourcing more trees from different locations and countries
Acquiring more locations for the sole purpose of planting more timber trees
Investing in Nuts trees such as Shea

Our plan is to plant 60,000 trees over a period of 5 years. in 2022, we will invest heavily in planting fast-growing trees such as Bamboo, Eucalyptus, Acacia, and Giant Sequoia that will be used for building and constructing property on the farm.

So, far we have planted over 4,000 timber trees on the land such as Teak and Musizi, in 2023, we will continue planting more trees throughout 2024.